Let's succeed together!


We are a supportive community, where the common aim is to make a change in one’s life.

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Start your journey now towards better wellbeing

Sometimes it is good to stop and think about “How am I?” and “What can I do to feel well?”

What concrete things can I do for my physical wellbeing? What brings me mental wellness? Am I resting enough? What brings joy to my life? How do I reserve time to cherish my own wellbeing?

In the perspective of lifestyle change, one significant factor is self-knowledge. It’s beneficial asking yourself questions like above. The moment of noticing a need to make a change can happen suddenly. We here at WeChabit believe in small changes and in the power of peer support.

Right amount of moderation

Life management it is often a question of moderation. This applies to exercise, nutrition, time management, alcohol, gaming… With WeChabit and peer support we will support your level of moderation; working towards your own goal together with a group. Are you ready to start?

Change together is a possibility. Lasting lifestyle changes are more effective in small steps, not in big leaps, only armed with willpower. Another person in the same situation understands you and can support you on your journey.

When you have a goal, it is good to remember where it is. There will be moments during your journey when this goal will not be visible. In these moments it’s good to make sure you are still going where you want to. Peer support is a great way to ensure that. Others with the same goal will cheer you on in your change. And you will cheer them on. With WeChabit and the peer support it is easier to get there.

Change and goal setting are sometimes viewed as a negative or requiring a lot of work. But often it is quite the opposite! We think that setting on that journey, noticing the change and moments of success are something to look forward to.

WeChabit Balance

The goal of WeChabit Balance is to improve your wellbeing.

Rest and recovery are an important part of in your daily life. The goal is to find a good balance between rest and action.

➡ Sufficient sleep is beneficial for the brain and offers strength for the new day.

➡ Proper nutrition keeps you going.

➡ The right amount of exercise will help you with physical recovery.

➡ Mindfulness and relaxation exercises improve mental recovery.

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